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The Civics Lab

David Thomason

The Civics Lab at St. Edward's University (Austin, TX) is a student and faculty collaborative podcast on civics life in America. We interview guests and discuss issues around the intersection of politics, economics, society, public policy, religion and other important issues to the civics life in the United States and Texas. Dr. David Thomason, on the faculty at St. Ed's, is the director of the Civics Lab. Students at St. Ed's produce, research and comment on the podcast. Students in the lab include: Caroline King (Executive Editor) Milo Cortese (producer), Niko Smith (lead economic researcher), Desi Tsacalis (lead background researcher) and Michael Baumgartner (lead commentator) and Ben Alford (contributor) and Esther Heymans (contributor). The Civics Lab is sponsored by a grant from the Hatton Sumners Foundation.